woodcarving center of Ban Tawai

Bann Tawai
source: ww.ban-tawai.com

Bann Tawai is the village of wood-carving handicrafts. It has been known as the major cultural attraction of Chiangmai for Thai and foreign tourists. The best quality and bargains of wood carving items can be found in Bann Tawai.

At present, a wide variety of wood carvings and other decorative items e.g. wood carving, wood-strips, gold leaf wood, antique wood, silverware, lacquer ware, hand-woven textile, basketry and earthenware, can be found in Bann Tawai at Bann Tawai handicraft Center and Bann Tawai Song Fang Klong Center.

How we became the village of wood-carving

For forty years, the art of wood carving has been passed down from generation to generation. During BE 2500-2505, the first three villagers, Pho Naan Daeng Puntusa, Pho Jaima Inkaew and Pho Huen Puntusart had left Bann Tawai to learn how to carve at Nomsilp, a manufacture shop on Wua Lai Street, Chiangmai Gate. They brought their new found skill back to Bann Tawai. The village gradually became renowned for its woodcarving expertise.

The art of wooden handicrafts at Bann Tawai
• Wood-carving : typical woodwork at Bann Tawai, Chiangmai
• Wood texture- polishing : polished in order to bring out the beauty of wood texture
• Crackle Paint Wood : a paint that produce a crackled effect on the wood
• Wood antiqueing : new wood made to look like antiques